Hello. I’m Ethos. You are viewing my blog.  I’m still getting use to this new setup but, its clean doe. I mean it’s. Let’s just get this out of the way, I am not an english major but hey, I always got B and A on my papers so I guess I’m good. *sigh*  Anyways, I am a gamer, otaku, youtuber, and now a blogger for your entertainment.

I’m human and make mistakes. We all do but for you grammar nazis, you are welcomed to laugh and correct me as I love to have some free editors for my blog. XD  I’ll just say english isn’t my first language. You can’t prove otherwise.  I am well versed in the art of butthurt, sarcasm, making opinion fact and of course, increasing membership to my hate club.  I welcome everyone’s opinion and of course, I’ll hear you out only to laugh and tell you how silly your comment was.

I guess I should just give a bit of background.  I’m from Detroit,Michigan and I’m 20 years old. 3tI4Sv7gDon’t worry, I’ll wait for your ignorant comments about Detroit….We here in Detroit are a civilized group of humans most of the time unless money is involved. Huh figures… Anyways, this blog is just for me to post my deeper thoughts.  Sometimes I want to expand on thoughts and topics I’m discussing in any of my youtube videos and sometimes I feel I hold back on everything I want to say so, this blog is for me to finish and keep updating my thoughts.  This isn’t just a gamer blog but an anime blog and game dev blog. Yes that’s right ladies, GAME DEV. Jokes aside, I have been working with a team of amazing individuals to develop our first game.  I can’t go into it further but if you follow the blog, I’m sure you will find my latest updates on it and struggles while in development.

Anyways, welcome to the blog! Hope to see you around, don’t be afraid to interact and you can also hit me up on twitter or on my youtube.  Thanks for stopping by and let the good times roll.


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