Fall 2014 Anime Review Round Up

So I’m watching a lot of anime right now and I mean A LOT. From shows of the current season to older shows, I tend to have this problem where I bounce from anime to anime leaving some behind, half-assing a few, and forcing myself to complete others. This is mostly tied to me just being unorganized but, I have been able to keep better track of my viewing habits thanks to MAL. (MyAnimeList)


Yes, at long last I have one. Go ahead and check it out, see what I have watched so far, what I am watching, and simplified review scores. Oh and don’t be afraid to add me. I don’t bite…unless you gave SAO a 10/10. Jokes.  Anyways, looking over my list and making changes from watching to completed I realized I really don’t have the will power or time to do long anime review posts for every single anime I watched in the fall season. It’s a shame because I watched a lot and have some thoughts on each of them but with school and working on a game, my time has been shortened on this blog. So, I have come up with this review round up. Simply put, any anime I complete of the last season that I didn’t write a specific review for will go in here as I give it a score and quick paragraph on my final thoughts on it. If I feel one is getting a lot of attention from my readers and I feel needs a better explanation, I may make a individual post for it. Anyways, enjoy!

Fall 2014

Denki-Gai no Honya-san

I actually have no clue how this show got on my radar. Maybe it was just luck? I actually watched this show all the way through and even til today, I can’t tell you why. I think I was just bored and was like, why not. Denki isn’t bad nor is it a fantastic show. It’s just right in the middle. It has its moments and there were areas I did bust out laughing. All in all it’s just a very out there anime that a lot of people would just dodge. It wouldn’t be on my recommendation list but, if you are just looking for an anime to past the time, try it.


Grisaia no Kajitsu

Ugh….This show….what…who….I just don’t even know. This show is your typical ecchi show. The plot makes no damn sense, the pacing is weird and even worst they try to make it deep. I’m not going to lie, some of the girls in this show had a pretty fucked up childhood. Actually, all of them did. But having this OP generic main “guy hero” character appear out of no where and help them get over their past is kind of insulting. I couldn’t blame any women who watched this show and felt insulted by the way most of the women in this show are portrayed and this is coming from a guy. The animation style is nice at some points and some of the little bits of action is cool but still, the stereotypical female archetypes and nonsensical story leaves a sour taste in my mouth… 6/10


Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

Sadly not exactly what I was expecting. Trigger must of needed some money for a bigger project. It’s not that this show is horrible again a lot like the first show on this list, it’s just in the middle. The characters were decent, story is decent, action was pretty cool. Just with another school setting it kind of turned me off at points…I am positive Sayumi TakanashixMachi Anduo exists some place in the darker depths of the internet.


Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Still watching and have been enjoying every episode. It’s still going on but, so far one of my favorites of the season.


Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

I actually enjoyed this show. Sometimes I try to watch a romance comedy to mix up the crazy amount of psychological shows I watch. If you have seen romance comedy before this is nothing much different to other Romcoms. Only main difference is it focuses more on the girl liking the guy and the guy being a funny asshole. The banter they have is quite funny and something different from most. If you are looking for a romance comedy to watch, try this on. It was enjoyable.



Psycho-Pass 2

This show is BAE. The Psycho Pass series has been my favorite anime series of the last couple of years and makes me happy to see that someone still knows how to make a deep engrossing psychological anime. Season 1 was amazing and season 2 was great as well. When I first started watching season 2 it was hitting it in all the right places. For the first half of season 2, Psycho-pass 2 was out performing season 1 in almost every aspect. This however, was not to last forever as the last 2 episodes kind of makes you long for something more. Maybe it was the studio change as the main one prepared for the movie but, I personally feel like they needed more episodes. If Season 2 had been as long as season 1, I am positive Psycho-Pass 2 would have surpassed season 1. Due to the way it ends, viewers are kind of left to an open conclusion. This may be due to the link this season will have to the movie but, it just made me want more Psycho Pass which is a blessing and a curse. The movie will be able to tell all but even still, I enjoyed season 2 and for me was the best show of the fall season.



Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

I usually don’t watch music anime. Even though I was in choir for 4 years in high school, music anime was just weird for me. This show however, pulled me in with its gorgeous animation style and my god, it is great. I actually would recommend this show to people who normally stay away from music anime. It is an anime that can actually show you music, something I have never experienced before. It has some great themes, great characters, and fantastic OST. Watch this show if you want to see the true colors of music. (really wish I did a detailed review on this 😦 )



Trinity Seven

This can sum up my thoughts on this show…

5/10 – 6/10 (if I’m feeling nice)

I hate when I’m right…

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