Destiny & Titanfall: Different Sides Of The Same Coin

So reviews for Destiny have been coming out and let’s just say they aren’t as high as people were expecting.  Alot of people (including myself) thought Destiny was at least going to get an 8/10 but a lot of reviews like Polygon and Gamespot have given Destiny both a 6/10.  Now we don’t know if this has anything to do with the recent #GamerGate controversy or, maybe all of these high profile review sites are thinking the same thing.  IGN’s review hasn’t come out yet but, I am sure it will probably get a 7 or 8 from them.


So, Destiny is another hype game of 2014. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad in its own right. I swear, this year has been the bandwagon hype train year of gaming.  A lot if not all the games to come out in 2014 have been absolutely disappointing.  Now whether this is because devs are getting lazy (doubt it) or gamers and media are hyping these games to be more than they actually are, still remains to be seen.

I wanted to talk a little bit about two big juggernauts this year, Destiny and Titanfall.  Some people who are enjoying Destiny currently are upset that Destiny is getting 6/10 from some of these review sites that gave Titanfall 8 and 9.  The argument could be made that Destiny had way more (which I agree) content than Titanfall so how the hell is it getting a worst score than it? I am going to try to explain why I feel Destiny kind of deserves the scores it is receiving and secondly, explain how Titanfall and Destiny are of the same coin, but completely different sides.


First off, you have to realize that they are different styles of FPS.  Titanfall is more of a casual fun FPS and Destiny is more of a character driven, rpg, co-op type of FPS.  They both are fps but their style in which they display it and mechanics are completely different.  Titanfall moves for more fluid mobility and well balanced, simple meta game. Destiny is more tactical and equipment based. One zones in on freedom of engagement (Titanfall) and the other focuses on planning ahead before striking (Destiny).  Both games have similar gun play influence as Titanfall’s shooting mechanics for the pilot feel very similar to its spiritual predecessor Call of Duty 4 and Destiny’s shooting mechanics feel exactly like its spiritual predecessor, Halo.

Both games are very similar when it comes to their roots as the studios that created these game have created well known and successful games before.  So what went wrong? With all of that talent and experience, how did both games fail to live up to gamer’s dreams and expectations?  If you didn’t know, I myself much like many of you, jumped on the titanfall hype train and while I still to this day love Titanfall, I always get this sinking feeling like what if? What if there had been more perks? What if there had been more titans? What if titans had been kill streaks instead of timed?

What If?

But, that is what they all are. What if’s. Pipe dreams.  I am sure some Destiny players are feeling the same way also.

So if they both failed in a way, why did Titanfall do better review wise? You could say that review sites we’re payed but I don’t think that’s it.  You have to remember what was going on at the time when titanfall was coming out.  EVERYTHING SUCKED!!! Call of Duty players were flipping tables over how bad Call of Duty: Ghosts was and Battlefield 4 the other huge FPS at the time, was straight up BROKEN! So just to see and play a FPS that was different than most current shooters out and that fundamentally worked, we gasped for air. Titanfall was that air.  Reviewers praised titanfall for its bold vision even though it wasn’t fully realized due to the lack of content the game had.  But, titanfall had mastered a lot of things correctly. It had a huge amount of different maps, amazing map design, by far one of the best movement systems for an fps, creative and balanced meta of Pilots Vs Titans, parkour, and a beautiful universe.  With these elements, content could be put aside and say for a first game of a brand new IP, Titanfall succeeded in both profit and setting up a good foundation.

Now I think I have said this hundreds of times with Destiny but, the problem with Destiny is that it lacked Identity.  If you showed someone who really never heard of Destiny game play they would probably ask if this was Halo? While titanfall with it’s mechs and parkour differentiated itself from it’s predecessor Call of Duty, Destiny fails at it.  Actually, Destiny more proudly shows it off since Bungie did use halo as a way of gaining hype for the game.


Connections have been made and let’s all be honest, they are pretty true. Destiny is a combination of other games.  The Warlock is pretty much a biotic from Mass Effect, the way the co-op and looting system works is a simplified Borderlands, and the gunplay and jumping mechanics are very similar to Halo. Because of this, Destiny is hollow.  It has no soul.  It is pretty much a jack of all trades but master of none.  The gunplay is nice but, the balance of the crucible is horrible and the unavoidable deaths from supers. The Co-op is decent but, it is absolutely way too repetitive. The universe is nice but, the story for Destiny is undercooked, underwhelming and at some parts boring. The looting system is cool but, all the gun categories are visually the same with just different colors and stats.

So how are the two of the same coin? Well Titanfall didn’t last long due to a lack of content and Destiny won’t last long due to a lack of creativity and dynamic gameplay. So we found that a game’s success is not bent on how much content a game has shown by Destiny.  We also found that a game’s success is not bent on how well built a game is by Titanfall (functionality).  The thing that both of these games are lacking is variety.

The reason millions of people continue to stick with playing Call of Duty and Battlefield is not only social but, those games have massive variety.  In Call of Duty, there are hundreds of loadouts and game modes to play.  Not only that but, the addition of kill streaks and play styles of its community (when they aren’t camping) allows for games to always feel fresh, new and addicting. For BF4, it is those battlefield moments. Those amazing moments where you feel like you’re actually in a battle as bullets whiz by your face, you hear yelling and see explosions and soldiers everywhere. The huge maps and 64 players allow for skirmishes and huge battles to take place in tons of different locations.  With the addition of vehicles, squad based combat, and strong teamwork, you have huge variety and tons of amazing moments.

And The Cycle Continues…

This is where Destiny and Titanfall are lacking.  They both are missing variety.  In Titanfall, the games usually always go the same route.

Start > Kill Grunts > Kill Pilots >Die > Kill Grunts > Kill Pilots > Drop Titan > Use Titan >Titan Blows Up >Repeat

And for Destiny while the game has multiple modes like PVP and PVE which Titanfall is lacking, both of these modes are again, repetitive in nature.

PVP: START > Go To OBJ/Kill Enemy > Find Another Enemy > Get Killed By A Enemy’s Super > Kill Enemy > Get Super > Use Super > REPEAT

PVE: START > Go to Location on speeder > Reach Obj > Put Ghost in Machine > Play Horde Mode for 15 Minutes > Ghost talks > Retrieve Ghost > Go To Next Area > REPEAT

Hopefully, game devs will learn from these two games and realize gamers want not only content and new ideas but also, variety.  It is that which keeps your game going throughout the year and consumers buying your DLC and sequels over and over again.  I know I have learned from this as I currently develop my first game. #projectlimitless

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