This Is Not My Destiny

So Destiny is finally out and the hype train is in full effect.  This time it is different for me considering the last hype train that was this big was Titanfall. While I gazed upon Titanfall in glory and epicness, many Playstation gamers were just watching. Some envious and others downplaying the game in comment sections and streams all over the internet.  Now it seems the tables have turned.  Now instead of Playstation gamers this time around the critics seem to mostly be PC gamers (I am one of them).  Not that I couldn’t buy Destiny as I currently own a xbox 360 and I did play the beta on it.  Obtaining the game was not the issue…



Simply put, I did not see the hype for the game.  To me, Destiny felt like just another shooter.  Fans of Destiny were telling me during the beta that Destiny would have endless content, amazing MMO structure, and Bungie was making it so the mechanics would be perfect.  However, what I saw was just a copy of many games I had already played all combined together.  Games like Mass Effect, Borderlands, and Halo all were elements in the game as I shot out my Nova Bomb for the first time and said “Holy Shit! THIS IS BIOTICS!”.

Now of course some will say isn’t it a good thing that a game combined elements of very prestigious games? Somewhat yes! But, I thought we were all turn’t up and excited for this next generation of consoles because we wanted to see new technical feats and brand new gaming experiences.  Not rehashes and copies of experiences we already had years ago.  Hell, you might as well call Destiny a sequel to these games.  Of course I never wanted Destiny to fail. Same like Titanfall, I really wanted it to be that new experience we all were looking forward to.  While for titanfall I am still impressed by the game design and concept, no game so far in 2014 has come out and had me saying “NOW THIS IS NEXT GEN”.

Look Familiar?

This could be the PC gamer inside of me talking but no game that released in 2014 currently, has blown my socks off graphically or gameplay wise since the time I played BF3 for the first time on my PC or Crysis 1.  As a matter a fact, most of the games that have come out recently have been very gimmicky (BF4 Levoultion, Ghost’s Female Soldier, Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolutions).  Now Destiny, a game that had been hyped as the “console savior” and beacon of light for this next generation of gaming, has released and let’s just say some people are getting off of the train early.

Finding out the max level of Destiny

UPDATE: Polygon reviewed Destiny…yeah. Seems like there’s hope for gaming journalism yet! 6/10

This is only a few of the many complaints and issues people have been having with Destiny.  Now I am sure that some of these people will admit that they had fun playing the game for a period but, the honeymoon is over.  Reality has kicked in and many people once again, feel betrayed and brainwashed by the fated hype train.  When a game becomes so popular and hyped before launch, many gamers and media will begin to say reckless things about it.  They will praise a game before it even launches based off of a small demo or beta and make assumptions based off of word of mouth and trailers.  The gaming industry has noticed this and that is why more and more you see publishers like EA and Activision, pouring in the same if not more amount of money into marketing as the budget to actually make the game.

My Dad always told me to beware of salesmen.  With the correct amount of wit, charisma, smoke and mirrors, they could sell you a pet rock and tell you it will make you live forever. Don’t believe me?  Check the market for glasses and energy drinks that supposedly help gamers reach higher K/Ds in their games.  If you did buy Destiny and are currently playing it, I hope it was everything you wanted it to be.  Time will tell if Destiny does in fact keep up to its well…Destiny.  It seems right now the community is very split on this game and since game reviewers had been embargoed to not post their reviews on release day (again marketing tactic), everyone is in free fall.  For me, I said in my Destiny Beta Impression video that the game didn’t impress me and I had issues (similar to what people are saying now) about the game’s balance, repetitive PVE, and PVP. Now we will see if people are playing this game come november, or if they all hop over to Titanfall *cough* I mean Call of Duty Advance Warfare.

I really like how my friend Moshi puts his reasons for not buying Destiny in his video below:

I will let you know that if Destiny does in fact release on PC, I still won’t rush to get it and will probably wait for it to be $30 before I pick it up. A personal preference for me is that I require 60 FPS to play any multiplayer shooter on any platform period. Playing at 30fps is too clunky and slow for my taste.

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