Golden Time Review: Watch or Nah?

Okay so I’m sure you guys saw this coming from a mile away. ANIME REVIEWS! OMG I AM SO ORIGINAL! Now I want these reviews to be more of a reaction than a straight up analysis review.  I want it to be more of a personal raw emotional reaction to anime I have watched recently and not so recently. Rather then me writing a page or two about the details of character’s personalities, I want it to be more focused on the big picture.  Three goals for Watch or Nah.

1. To the point – I want to write my thoughts, simplify it, organize it, and post it. These might not be the most advance reviews compared to others but the goal of them is to answer the question if you should watch the show or not.

2. Colorful – I don’t want to just post all text so my goal is to add some color with videos, gifs, and pictures to further convey my point about an anime.

3. Diversity – I personally watch almost all genres of anime and I am more willing to try anime out that most won’t dare breathe on. So, my main goal is to post watch or nah on anime that are from different genres. Expect shows from shounen to romance comedy to yes…even ecchi.

Hope this explains Watch or Nah and enjoy the first posted review for it. 🙂



“People would only want the old me not the present me” – Tada Banri

Banri Tada is a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo. However, due to an accident, he lost all of his memories. During his freshman orientation, he encounters another freshman from the same school, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, and they hit it off at once. Without any memory of each other, their lives become more and more intertwined as if set by the hands of fate. But what is their fate, and will it lead to happiness or another memory to forget…

 Genre: slice of life, romance, comedy

Now this anime I really only saw out of boredom. I had pretty much finished all of the other anime out at the time and wanted to see something more light-hearted. I guess in one way I was wrong.  Golden Time is really an anime that deceives you.  I mean you see the promo picture and say to yourself, oh I know exactly what I am getting here.  To some point you are correct because it is a slice of life and a romance comedy.  You know there will be love. You know there will be good and bad times and most of the time you can predict some sort of love triangle or lover’s quarrel over the main character.

Golden Time does all of these things. Most of the time in almost a repetitive and predictable pattern.  However, that isn’t where golden time shines.  As a matter a fact, it is the premise and the background of the main character that really allows for this anime to push beyond the standard reason why love hurts.  See, the main character Banri is stuck between two worlds (figuratively).  Before he had graduated from high school, he had a life and memories of his old friends. But, that all changed when he had an accident and lost his memory.  Now the Banri we see and watch through most of the show is a shell, hollow.  He still acts like any other human being but deep down inside he struggles with the fact that he isn’t really himself.

The anime displays this very well as he struggles with himself, constantly feeling the world sees him as an alien. A fake.  Add on to that romance and you’re in for a crazy ride as he loves one girl as his new self and yet loves another girl from his past “life”. The show takes place around late high school early college so, if you are of that age I think you can get the most out of this anime.  The characters are likable…well some of the time. You are gonna have to deal with that whole “OMG EVERYONE JUST TELL THE TRUTH DAMMIT! STOP HIDING YOUR TRUE FEELINGS” annoyance you get with most of these type of anime.  A lot of the time, conflict can be avoided, but it feels like the anime let’s it happen just for the sake of letting it happen.  Sometimes these conflicts feel forced just to advance the story and other times, it is done right to show character improvement.

Golden Time probably won’t be anywhere near your top 20 list or an anime you just adore.  It is still decent and I did enjoy my time watching it though.  I would say if you like slice of life or just want to watch something light-hearted with a couple of themes of self identity and social acceptance then yes, watch Golden Time.

Rating: 7/10


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